Why Property Managers & HOA’s Trust BSM For Their Management Needs

At BSM Facility Services Group, we provide customized facility maintenance, repair, landscaping, and cleaning for Home Owners Associations and Property Managers.

BSM is here to help you build a better community. From general maintenance, upkeep of systems requiring expert knowledge of HVAC and electrical to landscaping BSM has you covered.

When your condo or town home community is clean and operating at optimal capacity, it lifts the spirits of homeowners, tenants, and residents while having a positive impact on property values. Employees also tend to be more productive when they work in a safe, clean environment.

BSM uses EPA certified disinfectants and cleaning agents to ensure the on-going health and well-being of your property’s tenants.

24/7 response, quality, and reliability.


Maintenance and Repair
Landscaping for Condo and Town homes