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CleintComClientCom is a powerful and intuitive client interactive system designed exclusively for BSM with our clients in mind.


    Submit new work orders online.

  • General work orders
  • Facility Repair and Construction
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Service Improvement Requests (SIRs)

    Communication - Electronic notification of all work orders when each work order is completed.

    Quality Assurance - Rate each work order and monitor the cumulative score for each of your properties.

    Upload Floor Plans and Digital Photos.

    View Your Account History.

    Check the status of work being performed.

  • Pending Orders
  • Scheduled Work Orders
  • Completed Work Orders
  • Completed Work Orders (History)

    Search service work orders by building, type or date.

    View the latest (and history of ) inspection walkthroughs and rating reports.

    Access online forms.

    Download and print MSDS sheets.

    Contact BSM personnel.

    Check your current building occupancy and billing information.

ClientCom Sign-up:

Contact Us to request a trial of ClientCom.

“I know I can call you at any time especially when there is an emergency, and you either answer your cell or return the call promptly. Your staff and technicians are courteous, polite and well groomed.”| “I was very pleased with the service provided. I won’t hestiate to call for additional services in the future.”| “Thank you for the services you provided my client for the tenant improvements. They were in a rush to occupy the space and you met their schedules on time.”