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About BSM Inc

Who We Are

BSM was founded in 1979. Our first account was in downtown Oakland where the founder of BSM manually swept the multi-story Montgomery Ward department store parking lot 7 days per week. After gaining a few more small accounts in the Bay Area, BSM hired its first employee in 1981. Our first big break came a few years later in 1985 when BSM landed its first “Class A” 100,000 square foot brand new office building in Walnut Creek California. 37 years later and through multiple ownership, management, and economic changes, BSM is proud of the fact that we are still servicing this same building today!

More About Us

Today BSM employs hundreds of dedicated and hard working employees, servicing millions of square feet every day of the week.


After many years of providing quality Janitorial services to our commercial clients and because our customers enjoyed working with us and appreciate our “whatever it takes” attitude, attention to detail, Professionalism and prompt follow-through, our customers encouraged us to offer other services such as landscaping and commercial building repairs. After several years of success in delivering these additional services to our existing clients, BSM has now made a name for itself as one of the premier multi-faceted commercial services provider in California.

You can rest assured that after 40 years in business, we aren’t going anywhere.

BSM owns its own 18,000 square foot office building and warehouse facility in Concord California.

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“I was very pleased with the service provided. I won’t hesitate to call for additional services in the future.”

“Thank you for the services you provided my client for the tenant improvements. They were in a rush to occupy the space and you met their schedules on time.”

“I know I can call you at any time especially when there is an emergency, and you either answer your cell or return the call promptly. Your staff and technicians are courteous, polite and well groomed.”

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